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A crucial vote is coming up! MEASURE Z will be on our ballots in November and will determine if we as residents approve the required re-zoning. A YES vote will give the residents the power where to put these required housing units. If Measure Z does not pass this time, we go back to the drawing board with different lots and areas that residents would have to approve - otherwise we will face harsh penalties, unnecessary use of resources, and ultimately give the state power to make the decisions on where the housing units will go. 

The City conducted a strategic and transparent effort to identify and narrow down the sites that were ultimately selected for the Housing Element in compliance with State-required criteria. Nineteen (19) sites are proposed for rezoning to accommodate housing opportunities in support of satisfying the City’s requirements imposed by the State. While the City of Yorba Linda is required to plan for the additional residential capacity, the City is not required to construct the dwelling units.

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Need Help or Information?

The City of Yorba Linda offers a couple of ways to report various things you might see around town. For example, barking dogs, broken sprinklers, or graffiti, just to name a few. Please visit:

The information will automatically be directed to the appropriate department and taken care of in a timely fashion.


For all of the latest information about the City of Yorba Linda, please visit our website at:

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